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I really don't care either way its just splitting hairs as i see it, orchards, plots, crops, or bait but then again I've never done the hunt that hm's up buddy does. I can see how one could loose the hunter part just sitting over bait piles or just sitting bean field edges only. I totally agree that the bulk of what is hunting is the process of hunting but baiting doesn't necessarily mean you must or mustn't forgo the art of the hunter. wmi mention IL. I half jokingly told the guide, when he said he was picking up his hunters, that we weren't hunters. we were his shooters and he started calling us his shooters. no "bait" involved there unless you consider bean and corn fields bait, which i do. hunting being such a personal thing you play the game as you see it not the way I see it or wmi or anyone else. I only will take a mature tom but if i'm calling for someone its their hunt and they can take the one that pleases them without apology to me. same thing with deer hunting. its your hunt. take what you want the way you want with no apologies to me or anyone else.
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