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I stand behind all of my posts on this subject 100%. All of us hunt for a reason. This being said it will vary from hunter to hunter. For me it is the challenge and quest for the biggest and oldest boss of the woods. This quest challenges my mind, patience, body, and cunning against the wisest critter in the woods. I cover miles of trails and hours of studying his behaviors trying to figure out how I can harvest my target buck. Most times he wins which only drives me more. I want to play the game on his terms with no baited traps.

When I went to ILL. with Ronn I was successful in my hunt but in all honesty it still will not be my most memorable because I did not do the leg work and pay my dues mentally as I have for my trophies here at home. It will always mean a lot to me because I got to share the experience with one of my best friends but will still fall short of the bucks I had the pleasure of playing cat and mouse with here at home. Will I do it again of coarse I will because of the adventure of a strange state, woods and surprise of not knowing what is going to happen or when if at all.

Baiting to me would feel like cheating in this game of life and death thus taking away from the full experience of the hunt.

We are all hunters which to me makes us family. In all families each member has different thoughts and feelings none being exactly the same as another. My feelings are mine and mine alone. Each of us must follow our own path.

PS Please don't bait on or around my hunting areas. You screw up all of my hard work and I have to start all over from scratch. LOL
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