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several studies were done on this and have shown that bait concentrates the animals in one area unlike a whole cornfield or apple orchard that's just common sense.a pile vrs a field come on.In NY its illegal to feed deer year round unless its a food plot.I never said creating a food plot was lazy or that baiting was a lazy way to hunt .i said it wasn't healthy for the deer.Deer can get plenty of food in the wild.when you bait the deer will congregate in the baited area when many times they woudln't be there .while they are waiting for you to drop your bucket of corn they are decimating the local forage to unsustainable some areas the deer have eaten all the the browse to the height that they can reach standing up on the rear legs.hows that good for the environment?If its legal in your area to bait and hunt have at but if you think your helping out the deer herd you are not plain and simple.deer dont need to grow huge racks people want to see them they get all the nutrition they need in the wild supplemental feeding is unhealthy bottom up on it

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