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Originally Posted by joel the signman View Post
baiting is very unhealthy for deer it causes them to congregate in a specific area allowing for disease to be spread easily .in winter time up north deer "yard " up when people feed the deer deer leave the yard and are often attacked by prey animals and they die from exhaustion in the deep snow trying to reach or return from the bait/feed are doing the deer no favors by feeding them .dont do it
whats the difference if a deer comes to a pile of corn on the ground or feeding in a corn field?whats the difference with apples?on the tree or on the ground??they end up on the ground anyways?bails of alfalfa?in a field or bale?the deer will yard up regardless if there is a pile of corn so whats stopping them from speading some kind of disease when they yard up?i don't think baiting deer is a bad thing!and its not a lazy mans way of hunting it accually alot of work,time,money.look how much time,money preperation it takes to plant a food plot??but thats a lazy hunter??i would have no problem harvesting a deer over bait!!no regrets,no shame. But thats just my opinion.

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