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you have to define baiting before it can be discussed, like ronn said natural food sources are a form of baiting
If you're sitting at the source waiting for the deer to come in to get some, that could be defined as baiting and
here in Vt. a lot of guys try using that explaination as their argument or defense when they get caught.
Some scents/lures can be deemed as illegal here in Vermont also.

from the Vermont Q&A section of the Rules and regulations.
Q: What about scents and lures? Can I use these products?
A: A scent or lure is legal, provided it is not placed or used in such a way that deer can eat or lick it.

that makes products like C'mere Deer and DeerCain and similar products illegal...
The stores are still allowed to sell them,,, I think Vermont should ban such products.

In Vermont Hunting over a natural food source is legal
anything carried in for wildlife consumption is illegal
even if it's something that grows in the wild naturally, like apples.

After you've spent 36 years as a non-baiting hunter, it's hard to accept baiting as a legal means for hunting
but I don't have any I'll feelings or disrespect for hunters using it in areas where baiting is legal.

I like wmi's statement, "I don't bait because I know how to hunt." That's how I roll...

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