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I like baiting/ I do bait. But I bait for the soul purpose of seeing the deer, not harvesting them. But I don't think baiting deer for harvest is as bad as some people may think, hey it actually can add weight, lol - you still have sit in a stand or blind and you are not guaranteed to always see I must say I think that your chances might be better than someone that sits on a trail - but that trail goes somewhere, maybe to corn, or soybeans, or water, it goes somewhere and more than likely to a food source. The thing with baiting is you can have the deer concentrated in one particular spot whereas 'trail hunting' you have to pick a spot and hope the deer come there and do not take take another route. but that's the same thing with baiting you still are not guaranteed to anything...maybe the deer got spooked by a coyote and won't be coming to the corn tonite, or this moring...really I think your chances are ALMOST and I say ALMOST the same as someone who hunts over a trail, you still have to sit just like everyone else and you are NOT guaranteed to see anything - I know I didn't really answer the question but that's my thoughts on the "situation"
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