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I guess im still in the "I dont know" on this topic.. Let me explain why.. I read ronn's post and thought "yeah that all makes sense", but then I read wmi's post and thought "heck thats a good way of looking at it too"

I guess it dont bother me how you do it as long as its done legally for your state. Its not legal in TN so it would tick me off if I knew the farm next to the one Im hunting has bags of corn all over the ground..

If I took the time to build a food plot you better believe Id would put a stand around it if the deer were hitting it..

ronn's point of "doe in heat" being considered bait is a good one.. If you look at it that way its the same as dumping corn on the ground...

wmi's point of "patterning = learning" is darn good one too
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