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someone is feeling randy.grin I'll play. look at it this way. is it hunting over a bait if you shoot a deer going to a cut corn field where the corn spills on the ground? Is that hunting a food source? a food plot? bait? Now what if you shoot that same deer on the edge of the field? 30 yards in the woods going to the corn? 100 yards going to the corn? 500yards going to the corn? I don't think hunting over a bait is bad or wrong cause in a way we all do it. natural bait, the oak stand, or man made. what about a water source? man made pond? water tank? what about a decoy? isn't that bait? or the scent from a bottle of a hot doe? everyone hunts over bait. as a hunter its your job to know where the food is and use it to your advantage with an opposable thumb we can put it where we want. the plus side is a hunter's ability to pick and choose the game to take if bait has made the game more predictable. i know that some parts of the country there really isn't any advantage cause the food sources and the travel routes are limited and very predictable. the down side is mature deer can be wary of anything that wasn't there before. baiting for hunting is no different than fishing. there you have it. what do ya think?
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