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well after i did all that bragging on them they may have messed something up. the guy that just bought his first used bow had to have quite a bit of stuff adjusted. so they worked with his bow awhile. after there final adjustment he probably shot it 10 or so times at the store. when he got home the next day he pulled it out of the case and shot a couple times and noticed his peep would not turn around right. so he twisted it around and pulled it back again. while he had the bow back it basically blew up on him. i aint seen the bow but from what i think he is saying is the top cam fell off or the string just came off the top cam. which in doing so made the bottom of the bow come back and knock the crap out of his ribs. said he had a bruise about 12 inches long and has struggled to get up and down for a few days. he might a broke a rib or something. none of the strings broke and he said it looked like all the pieces were there so im thinking maybe they forgot to tighten something up.

oh yeah it broke his arrow. hes feeling better now though he came over to the house yesterday and said it was just sore but he was moving a little easier.

this ever happen to yall?
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