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Hunting Man, I thought I was the only guy here who has been disillusioned and, perhaps, even disappointed by the NRA. I am still a member and probably joined way before most of the guys on this site were even born. I remember the days when the NRA was a very positive organization devoted to gun sports, but over the years, it's gotten way too political, big business oriented, and negative for me too. I've been quiet about these feelings in the past, but maybe it's time for a little sincere perspective and some critical thinking to get aired here. I'm not looking to start any arguments, like I said, I'm still a member, but if good Americans have a duty to criticize their government when they think it necessary, then perhaps as good NRA members, we should be doing the same thing with our organization. Final words on this subject from Onehorse: JOIN the NRA, but don't swallow all their claptrap.
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