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Originally Posted by phillymac23 View Post
Thanks for all of your help. I have one more question, does anyone know if this is a good scope or not? CenterPoint 2-7x32mm Scope My local Wal-Mart has it and the guy at the counter said it's an excellent scope.
Just 2 days ago I was talking with one of the guys in the sporting goods Dept at my local wal mart.
I was asking him about the same scopes, He said he had personally sold probably a hundred or more and never had a complaint about them and never had one come back.
He even bought one this season for his muzzleloader and says, so far he loves it. If I were looking for a scope for a Muzzleloader or one of my plinking rifles, I'd probably give one a try, they have loads of important features, nitrogen filled, 100% waterproof, fog proof and shock proof,
a lifetime guarantee etc etc etc... and at just 65 bucks that's really not a bad deal at all.

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