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Red face Oh yeah, and then th

Oh yeah, and then there's that HORRIBLE water-gun trigger. ;-)1911's are a wee bit much to ccnaeolThey don't have to be, if you got, say an aluminum-framed 4"- or 3"-barreled model. Small, light -- and, yes, actually thinner than the Glock. They say the 3-inch 1911s can be real bastards though, so I think the shortest I'd go would be 4, 4.25 inches if I had it to do again -- though my Kimber Tac Ultra II has been a great weapon. And I knew the only part that was polymer was the frame, yes. That "plastic gun" crack was tongue-in-cheek. ;-)WV: spush -- yeah, the Glock trigger feels all spush-y and stuff..

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