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I agree with most of the above. My hunting close are only washed with baking soda and only used in the field. I use no clothes, boots, hats, gloves or anything else in the field that have been used elsewhere. Personal hygiene is a must for scent protection. Remember your breath spreads faster than any other body scent. Keeping your equipment scent free is a must. Gun oils carry a heavy scent. I have only cleaned and lubed my Marlin 30-30 for the last 26 years and my newly acquired Remington .270 with Vaseline, it has very little scent. Proper stand placement and wind direction is a key to hiding your scent. I don't own the scent lock clothing but the carbon use to make this product can only absorb odors for a short life before the carbon becomes inactive. I think the scent lock would work fine while new but it would eventually lead to a false sense of security as it aged.

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