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Hello cervushunter and welcome to the site. The subject you raise will bring a varied responce I'm sure. I do not own any scent prevention clothing, so do they work and are they worth the money I can't say. What I can say is you absolutely do not need them to be successful in the scent elimination process. I do take many precautions to prevent human scent from forming on myself and my clothes. The products I use are the scent elimination sprays, body wash, deorderants. I wash my clothes in a scent elimination product in a washing machine air dry outside then spray them down and hang outside again till dry then store them in a sealed plastic box. I am fortunate to have steam saunas in our hunting camps which is very good at cleaning out the human skin pores of any bacteria. Then each morning spray every piece of clothing prior to leaving camp. I even carry a small spray bottle in my pack to use during the day. Sorry for the long winded responce hope it helps.
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