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I guess I worded that poorly, when I said Entry level I meant compared to the Top Name Companies, Swarovski, Leupold, Trijicon, etc.. which outclass the simmons by a long shot.... Simmons is more of an Entry level Hunters "choice" (based on dollar value) not an entry level scope, but the Simmons scopes do have tons of features and are innovative.
I had a simmons Aetec, it was a really good scope for what I paid for it., I never had a problem with it mounted on a Savage .30-06 and when I shoot I don't shoot just a few rounds, It's nothing for me to go through a couple boxes each time I shoot so the one I had did get the feel of an 06 recoil, the guy that has it now loves it and yes it was one of the made in china models maybe I was lucky and got one from a good batch or maybe they have really fallen drastically in quality and worksmanship over the last 4 years, either way I still got to ask you If you're not happy with your purchase why not just send it back for a refund?
I surely wouldn't keep it If i thought it was going to be a problem from the get go.

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