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Originally Posted by tbighunter View Post
Just so everyone knows,and do not buy,simmons aetec (master series).it's now made in china.optics still look very clear,but quality is no longer there.i had 3 of the original aetec's and loved them.believe me they are not the same anymore.a review site on this website would be great.we are not paid endorsers,we are just real hunters and shooters who value other hunters opinions.we else can you find where.thats why when i think of a new trail camera,i always go to reviews are real and unbiased.
I like the idea of reviews also, I think product reviews help all of us in one way or another But I gotta tell you If I were writing a review on the Simmons Aetec Series scopes I'd have to give them an A without hesitation.
Keeping in mind were talking about an entry level Simmons scope so you have to remember to consider Features & Quality vs. Price., It's different than say a review for a scope like the Leupold Competition scope which cost about a thousand bucks.
The Simmons Aetec features 1/4" MOA finger adjustable, the one piece tube construction has increased mounting area and is waterproof, shockproof and fogproof.
Add Simmons' new QTA Quick Target Acquisition eyepiece, which delivers a constant minimum 3.5 inches of eye relief and one of the most generous eye boxes in the industry, (perfect for shooters wearing Glasses) and you'll have the confidence to know that your AETEC will get the job done from shot to shot and season to season.
The Simmons Aetec line was the first to introduce aspherical lenses and the fully multi-coated optics feature the brightest and sharpest image available in its class and the truplex reticle is backed by a lifetime warranty. Considering the Aetecs sell for around 160 Dollars I'd say that's some really nice features for the money.
The Bottom line on your purchase is, If you're not happy with it I'm sure the seller will refund your money But you have to also keep in mind you won't find all those features in the other scope brands for the same price. Personally I would buy another Master series Aetec, just my opinion..

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