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Women with small hands can shoot 357 mags IF the handgun fits their hand correctly, AND they are properly trained. Everyone needs to work their way up to the magnum cartridges. Personally, I would not shoot full power magnums in this gun due to the beating the gun would take. The biggest problem with some magnum loads in a defensive shooting situation is the muzzle flash (can cause temporary night blindness), muzzle blast and over-penetration. Quite often a ported barrel will increase the muzzle flash, but it can help to control the muzzle flip for quicker follow up shots.

If you are a new handgunner or are thinking about a handgun, realize that a snub nosed (short barrel) handgun should only be used by those who very experienced with handguns. We have had several public shooters come to our club with a snubby, and they have a very hard time with accuracy. A handgun with a 4 inch barrel is a good starting handgun for a person. A shorter barrel may cause accuracy problems due to the short sight radius from the front to rear sight. A longer handgun may be too barrel heavy for a beginner (need to build up the proper muscles). The most important aspects is how it fits your hand and your natural point of aim with the firearms. Always start with a 22LR. Find an NRA club and talk to the instructors. They may even arrange it so you can shoot several different handguns and/or calibers. Most gun shops (not all) will sell you anything, even if it is not the proper firearm for you.
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