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I belong to a NRA pistol club. We have everyone - federal agents; state, county and municipal law enforcement; judges; blue collar; white collar; farmers and house wives. I strongly suggest that she take the NRA Basic Pistol course. After she has taken this course and has developed a good, consistant shot I suggest taking NRA Personal Defense Inside The Home course and then NRA Personal Defense Outside The Home course.

If you don't mind, here are two suggestions and one word of caution. If she is new to handguns buy a 22LR revolver in the same barrel length and have her practice, practice and practice some more. Then start with the 38 spl before you move to the 357 mags. You don't want her to develop a flinch. Now the word of caution. It appears the cylinder may consist of a lightweight metal alloy like titanium or scandium. Some +P, +P+ or magnum loads can be hard on these metals (erosion). Contact the manufacturer to see if they suggest staying way from certain manufactures and/or bullet weights. The ballistics in 125gr and 158gr in the magnums can vary significantly within each manufacturer or from manufacturer to manufacturer.
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