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My gift ideas are like yours Buckshot, I'd love to buy my Esther a handgun but I'm not sure it would be the right thing to do.
Many women fear weapons and are easily overpowered by their attackers, I'd be afraid the attacker would take the handgun away and use it on her.
I think If I were going to buy something in the way of self defense for someone, I'd probably get them a Stun Gun, If used properly it's an effective means of escape for any man or woman plus if the attacker gets it he cant kill his victim with it.
Another thing to keep in mind is "most" women even some men don't have what it takes to muster the courage to shoot a person even if it's an attacker.

I love that S&W small frame, lighweight series,
It reaslly does say "Make My Day"

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