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yesterday, For the first time in my life I locked my truck keys in while it was running! Things happen and all you can do is laugh and chalk it up to another life experience. Neighbor drove me back home to get the second set, no broken windows. Age has nothing to do with blunders well maybe much later???Besides I'm probably a bit more use to things not going bang than most(flintlocks) so I don't take it too hard. Just means I get to hunt some more. Dylan, hunting is like a chess game sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. What really matters is what you put into the hunt, ethics, fair chase, never compromise your personal rules or that of the state. Hard work and knowledge will equal success and in the later stages of your huning life you will look back and say I did it my way and have no regrets. Stay with it and you will have freezer meat before you know it.

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