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It happens to the best of us I have been hunting ever since I could hold the gun up and I have forgot to chamber one and heard the dreaded click 2 or 3 times. This year I was muzzeloadin hunting and I didn't shoot caps after I cleaned it, got in a hurry tryin to go to the woods and forgot. Buckfever can remember a juvenile hunt when I left all my bullets and clothes at the house. So I had to wear that shrimps coveralls dug for 20 minutes and found a shell from the last year. So know I put my shells in my case when I go hunting. Even this year I went on a afternoon hunt I was a little late gettin to the woods so I was hurring I got all the way to my spot put my summit on the tree and then realized my gun was in the truck. lol. And the list goes on and on. Like everyone else said you will laugh about it later. But you can't give up you will get you one eventually. I am amazed at what huntin stories I can remember but when those teachers give me those quizzes I can't remember what they said yesterday.

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