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neat stuff bruce. heck i think the whole country should go the way of vt and alaska. then this whole reciporcity thing would be irrelevant. nh came close last year to being like vt but my understanding is that the police chief's assco. was against it. so we still need to get a permit. they were afraid that the officers wouldn't know who had a gun on them. i was taught that to make it home at the end of a shift treat everyone as if they are armed. makes sense right. bad guys don't bother with permits.

I believe the gun control laws have an effect on crime, in that, the fewer the restriction on guns the lower the crime rate. I go back to that study from a few years back that said criminals aren't afraid of the police cause thats only an arrest, they weren't afraid of jail cause thats 3 squares and a cot. what they are afraid of is joe homeowner greeting them at the window with a glock 30. Or look at DC and Baltimore. They have had bans on hand guns for 30 years and the crime rate there is crazy. cockeyed thinking in my opinion.
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