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For some reason I have not been in the Christmas spirit untill last night
It gets harder & Harder each year as it gets more comercialized & stores start putting out the desplay's at the end of Summer beginning of Fall & we all need to be politicaly correct & say happy holidays or it is now a holiday tree. So we go to get our tree and a woman kept calling it a holiday tree well being in a bad mood for the last month with work not busy, late nights trying to get reports done for the fire Dept. the power outage trying to keep my house warm ect... blah blah blah. I kind of lost it & told here when she gets christmas trees let me know & told the wife & kids we are leaving when I saw a manorah in the window (now I am not starting anything here I respect what anyone believes here this is what makes the USA so great) I ask her is that a holiday Menorah & she just looked at me like I had two heads. So again I asked do you have any holiday Dradle. She said oh a Hanukkah dradle & I said no a holiday dradle
She tried to infom me that they were not Holiday dradles they were Hanukkah dradles so I had to ask how come it is a holiday tree & not a christmas tree but it is a hanukkah dradle & not a holiday dradle NO ANSWER !!!! well we were leaving & my youngest daughter (10yrs old )
turns around & apologizes to the woman for my attitude & wishes her happy holiday's I felt like a total heal got in the car & my wife would not talk to me when a little voice from the back lets me have it. she tells me it is not about what we call it it is the rememrance of Christ & giving to those who do not have. Like I needed to feel worse. So I turned around went back bought a Christmas tree (Sorry but that is what I am calling it)
& apologized. The woman told me her boss told her to make sure she calls them holiday trees & that she was with me on calling them Christmas trees too. we wished each other Happy Holidays with a smile & parted ways. sorry this was so long but had to put it out there so to all Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas be safe, be warm, pray for those who serve our GREAT NATION, those who do not have & most of all for those of you who have little ones remember some times they will teach us more then we teach them God Bless to all

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