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How to age a buck

I have heard all sorts of theories on the matter. Some say by weight, grey in the face, size of rack, a hanging belly and of course their teeth. But if someone were to shoot a buck and want to get it mounted, you would never want to cut the cheek open to age there teeth. My taxadermist and I were discuusing this topic when he was capeing it out. He had a couple of fellas come in with a buck and swear to him it was a 5 year old. They said " Look at the all the grey in th bucks face" " Look at his size, he's over 200lbs dressed out" The taxadermist, his name is Doug, said to the guys "Take your hats off, and look at all the grey in your hair, how old are you both". "I am 54 years old and no grey and half the size you both are". Both of the guys were in there early 40s and over 6'4". Kinda funny I thought. He told me the best way the age a deer is to measure from the deers nose to the bottem of it's eye. O.K., I am rambling on now so I was just wondering if anyone else had any idea on aging a buck
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