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300 WSM reloads

I've been reloading for my Browning A-Bolt and have used 165 grain bullets,Barnes, Nosler Accubonds and Hornadys. Went to the Hornadys for cost considerations at about half the other bullets expense with no accuracy downside. The Noslers and Hornadys will group at about .800 if I'm having a good day. The Barnes were a little more spread, but quite exceptable for hunting;and they are deadly on game. I've been using 64.4 grains H414, and I need to tweek it a little more. I might go up to 180 grain projoes and try both the H414 and IMR 4350, the IMR is suppose to be good also.

I like being able to reload because I can fine tune the load to the gun and I don't have to worry so much about the inconsistant COL I've seen in factory loads. And paying $50 for a box of 300 WSM makes no sense.

I also reload for my 30-06,and my 11 year olds .223 and .243. He has single shot T/C and HR -New England Handi-rifle. They are great learning tools.
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