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Scrub Buck
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Hey Dude!

Ive been muzzleloader hunting side-saddle my whole life here in east Texas and ever sense I was a kid I'd jump bedded deer in the locus brush on my old ranch mare and I agree.The power and accuracy of T/C's product line surpasses any other muzzeloader of it's kind.....I own a Encore 209X50 and my buddies are amazed as to how I can hit running Deer up to 100yrds at full galop with #4 rock salt and 4 triple 7"s. This is my way of branding I could tell if a local Deer was killed of my 250 acre ranch by the salt spray in the hide. Yah...This seems crule,but it's a heck-of-laughs watchin ...................See ya Dude!

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