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powder and bullets

I have two muzzle guns, a cheap cva wolf (got me hooked) and a T/C triumph. I shoot two 50grain pellets of 777 in each also us the same bullets in each, the new Hornady FBP 350gr flex tip. they load as easy as the power belts, but hold together better after impact. have killed sevral deer with the power belts, and thee with the FBP's will not go back to the power belts. with 100grs of 777 and that bullet I shoot a 1" group at 50 yards and a 2 1/2" at 100. Shoot a doe at 74 yards in the early season hit one rib going in and took out three coming out, never took a step. I like that style of bullet because I don't get plastic fouling in the barrel and sabots can be very hard to load. Do like I did, buy something diffrent and go to the range, till you find out what you like and what your GUN likes. There are alot of choices out there. Hope this helped! TC
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