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Originally Posted by delbert View Post
its hard for a hunter to stalk a mature buck,,but if you think a 40 ft header with lights on,, the combine thashing,,,grain buggys moving thu the field,,grain trucks on the field roads,,can sneek up on the buck it just dont sound right...a little fawn , yes
Sounds like someone who has not worked much or at all on a farm during harvest.

The buck in the picture is caught in the last row of the header. IF the buck could tell the combine was headed his way (may not have if there was a big enough of a wind) he may have stayed put thinking he would be okay and was planning on leaving after the combine had passed. Also, the lights would not have hit the buck until it was in the header. The lights are mounted on the combine not the header. The standing corn would prevent the lights from hitting the buck until the corn was cut and pulled onto the platform.

Ask anyone who has harvested row crops, and they will tell you that you must watch out for deer and other animals - especially at night. It can be really hard to find them in a sunflower field. If you have moose and sunflowers (moose love sunflower fields) be very careful - you don't want one of them in your header.

Sometimes it is hard to kick up a mature buck. On my first deer hunt as a kid, I must have almost stepped on a nice buck. Dad and I were going through some very tall and thick brush. While we were slowly making our way through the brush I heard a noise behind me. I turned my head to see a nice buck going over the ridge.

I have worked a field with a 40 plus foot chisel plow and had several bedded deer watch me. More than once the chisel plow would come within ten feet of them before they decided to get up and move. They would get up slowly, stretch and move to the area that had just been worked. I have had hawks fly with the tractor so close that you could literally reach out the cab and touch them. I have also driven down the road with a grain truck to have fox run along side the truck.
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