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To add a little to Joels post NY is very tight/strict. It may be even tougher in the NYC area. About 10 years ago I was all setup for the law enforcement field (college degree/some great field experience) and was in the top 25 on the civil service recruitment list. Now police officers in NYS must have a valid pistol permit in order to carry. This is not a part of their police officer privilege. So I paid 150.00 for the class and then had fingerprints taken the same day which is a part of the application process. Then we're to find 4 references who are not related to you, do not have a criminal background, and live in the same township as you. So I got all the references taken care of and sent my paperwork in all within 1 week of the class. It took 8 months for a response from the Pistol Permit clerk. I then had to go into the city of Buffalo which is where all the county clerks and stuff are located to speak with an apointee of the county who basically goes over your application and asks all these questions why you want a pistol permit, your intentions, plans, views on gun control, who lives in the home with you, any family members with criminal/violent pasts, etc. It was pretty intense. Then the question which ended the entire interview----why did it take you 8 months to send in your application? It took me 1 week to send it in I replied. Well I don't know what happened here but with the app. being over 6 months old you'll have to take another permit course and redo the entire process. I was more sad than angry. So I think NY is the toughest to get one.
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