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Originally Posted by joel the signman View Post
is public land not an option?Im thinking of moving to Kentucky i heard the hunting and fishing is great
there is plenty of public land to hunt but thats just it its public, so cant leave a stand (might not be there the next day), cant food plot, and I dont know how many times I have been hunting an area and I get there a hour before daylight only to find at prime hunting time someone walking up on me (not even knowing I'm there) seeming to be making as much noise as possable.
This is a few of the reassons I only hunt private land and there is one spot of public land that is army corp land ( red line) that can only be gotton to by water and the land owner does not allow hunting so no one will be comming in by land.
But I have come to this thread because I am in the same boat I am also looking to lease or mabey buy. I have been kicking the idea around with my better half. For what I would spend on a lease and the few family members intrested in leaseing with me , I have been thinking of buying a 20 to 60 acers if I can get that payment around $200 a month I know of 3 people wanting to lease with me so that would end up at $600 a peice a year and to me thats a win win. I get to hunt with fam and friends on my land and they will help pay for most of it any of you do or thought of this? how is/did it work out?
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