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Originally Posted by laylatexas View Post
I am just starting to game manage a small land tract in "almost" South Texas. I have about 150 acres of mostly brush and I need to know about how many deer can I expect to feed and keep on this amount of land. The land is not game fenced. I have (4) feeders right now. I am planning on feeding year round.

Does anyone know:
How far do deer roam?
Do they return to their birthland after the rut?
How many bucks can 150 acres maintain?

I ask as I am trying to limit the amount of bucks taken off the property in a given year.

Any advise would be helpful.
In the rut a buck may travel so far that he may not return to his original core area

Normally by about 2.5 yrs old a buck will have moved off from his "birthland" because for one his mother doesn't want him and he is then being harrased by the big bucks running him off all the time....

It all depends on how much vegitation you have in your area, a lot of veggies, the more deer/bucks your 150 acres can hold....if you go to the QDMA (Quality Deer Managment Assoc.) they have maps of the U.S. and Texas that go by county and give you a rough estimate on how many deer you have in that area....

Also, I'm sure you know this but taking does is also an excelent management tool...

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