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I also hunt with a T/C Omega. I have been using it for 5 years now. I am shooting 100 grains of American Pioneer Powder with a 250 grain Hornady SST bullet. They are a ease to load and very accurate at the range. I shot a buck this year with this combo but it was a close shot, only 40 yards, and he didn't go far, heart shot. I also have shot a lot of deer with the same powder only with the Shockwave 250 grain bullet. The Shockwave bullets are also very accurate and have great knockdown power. But, I have a harder time loading the Shockwave bullets after about the 4th shot. It has been through my experience that swabbing the barrel between each shot will in fact make it easier to load and be a more accurate gun. My brother-n-law has the Omega also and does not have problems loading his. So I wasn't sure why I was having problems. I talked to the folks at Thompson Center Arms about this and they said they have had other hunters call and complain of the same problems. They recommend using a little bit of bore butter on the outside rim of the sabots to ease the loading process. I tried this and it really did work. I do not believe I lost any accuracy either. Either way, I dont think you could go wrong with either bullet.
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