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in tennessee it was always illegal unless you were handicap until last year or the year before. since that time it has been a heated discussion for alot of hunters. i agree that if you want to be an accurate shooter a compound bow takes more work than a crossbow. but if your older and losing some of your strength that comes with aging than i would rather see someone make a clean, accurate shot with a crossbow than a "well i hope i hit him shot" with a compound. i enjoy the work that goes with a compound and the "proudness" you feel after tagging a deer with one. but when the times comes when i dont have the young body i got now ill hang my compound up and go buy me a crossbow. hopefully that is many years away.

i think that if your handicap or getting on up in the years than by all means just get in the woods and hunt with whatever bow your comfortable with. but in tennessee if your a young, healthy fellow go buy you a compound or a recurve and start practicing.

i would also like to see crossbows in the same catagory as muzzleloaders
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