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late stand time

hey guys, just joined the club so hello to all. Had a question, one morning about a week ago me and my dad were hunting in the club he joined this year. And we left the house a little late and by the time we pegged in and got to the woods. We were walking in and i noticed it was sunrise already. you know when its a little more light than you think. so by the time i got to the top of the "alley" so to speak. i didnt want to walk down in there and spook anything so i just sat down by a tree at the top of the hill. Of course i didnt see anything that morning but i was wandering what you guys would have done. would you have went ahead and went on in and climbed or just camped out by the tree and hope you see something. i mean i know deer can move at anytime but you know how you get frusterated because its already sunlight and you feel like you can be seen climbing from a mile so just wandering what some of you would have done in this situation. thanx for any input......
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