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This is an excerpt from the Sedalia Democrat I found on the internet while checking the validity of this story.
With his Remington .270 rifle in hand, he shot a nice buck broadside. The buck’s front legs collapsed as it ran toward a fence and flipped over to the other side.
A second shot at about 30 yards away to the back of the neck put the buck down for good, or so Goodman thought.
A few minutes later Goodman went to check out his trophy. As he grabbed one horn he said, “Wow. What a big deer.”
As the nine-point, 240-pound buck lay lifeless the unexpected happened.
The buck stood up and knocked Goodman on his butt, attacking him with his antlers.
“It was 15 seconds of hell,” Goodman said.
Goodman thought the deer was trying to go through him as he fought it off the best he could. A few seconds later, the deer was off and running.
“I felt his front legs go over my face,” Goodman said.
The buck ran 30 yards and fell down again and Goodman was worried the deer wasn’t done yet.
“If he was going to come back I would be in trouble because I was in too much pain,” Goodman said.
Goodman walked back to his tree stand and grabbed his gun, finally putting the buck down with two more shots to the neck.
Well Ladies and gentleman here is a true story of poor shot placement and what I feel may be a case of unethical hunting in general. How many times have you left your rifle in a stand to go check on a deer????

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