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I have never seen this used for deer, and I am more than a little skeptical. However, several years ago, I saw a hunting episode where a similar product was used for a predator. They cautioned that the motorized/remote control device was not legal in all states.

The following can work well on a breezy/windy day for a predator, but check to make sure it too is legal in your area. Take a white cloth and anchor one end with a stake, rock or clump of dirt. Use a rabbit in distress call to see if you can call in a predator.

If more deer hunters would help to control the coyote population, you will find yourself in higher regard with the farmers, ranchers and property owners who own animals. Be sure to get permission and pick up your spent shells/casings. If you take one, let the farmers and ranchers in the area know (drive in and show them).

Coyotes love calves, colts, sheep, poultry, water foul, cats and dogs. We had a neighbor who had a coyote laying on the back of one of its livestock that was standing and about to give birth. He shot the coyote on the spot. Not that long ago, my dad shot one with a 357 mag that was between two groups of cattle. After he went down, each of the cattle checked out the coyote. The dominant bull was the first, and they went down the heirachy ending with the calves.
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