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I had an "ok" weekend at the new place. It is so different hunting over there with the rolling hills, tall grass, and brushy swamp. Lots different from hunting the hardwoods. I had picked up a spotting scope which was a very good idea. I spent basically the whole time glassing the big open fields and brush lines in the swamp. I was sitting on a funnel the first morning and saw some deer. That afternoon I went to the other end of the place where the wind would be better for the anticipated deer movement. At this point I am just going on what the land owner is telling me about deer movement. Again that evening I see some more. The wind was terrible yesterday, and I did not see deer in the same area as saturday, but did see a bunch of does when I was on my way out around noon. I did not shoot anything this weekend, and will probably wind up regretting it. On Saturday morning, one of the deer that went through the funnel was a buck about 20" wide with good mass and had 10 typical points. He had a good rack...probably would have been my second best ever, but I just thought he was too young (3.5y/o).

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