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Default New hunting place!

Well I acquired a new hunting spot this week and I am stoked about checking it out this weekend. It is in the area that I have been trying to tap into for the last 3 years. This area is where several huge trophy bucks (200" +) have come from recently that I have heard of. As a matter of fact on my way in there the other day I saw 3 big bucks on the back of a pickup at a gas station. One mulie (150") and two white tails in the 170s. Needless to say that got me pumped up. They came from a farm about 10 miles from the spot I will be hunting. Anyway this spot has a good creek and creek bottom that separates milo, alfalfa, and wheat fields from a brushy hilltop that the deer bed in. After looking around a little I found a shallow spot in the creek where the deer cross (~15 yards across) with a perfect ambush spot. There were 3 different trails that converge onto this crossing and each of them looked like a dad gum cattle trail (no cattle on the place). The ground was powdered with heavy deer travel. I will be spending saturday and sunday scouting this spot...I will take the camera along as I expect some good action. This place has not been hunted in decades and appears to be a hunting paradise. Hopefully this place will hold the type of deer I am looking for. I have all the meat I need for the year and one buck tag left. You better believe it will be saved for hopefully a giant buck that will be roaming this place. I will update this post on monday with the happenings of this weekend.
John Eitzen
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