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Years ago I was in a stand on the edge of a woods and the wind was blowing straight from behind me out into the field. I had a doe and 2 yearlings walk across the field and about 20 yards in front of me. When she came to my scent in the wind she about turned inside out.....she flipped backwards and then cautiously eased up to my scent and stretched her neck out to smell. She wouldn't cross where she could smell me. Finally she walked back a bit, went into the woods and circled around behind me and came back out to the field on the other side of me......... 20 minutes later I happened to look at the woods edge where she had first come from and there was a buck, then another, and then another. The last one I guessed to be 31/2. They walked as she did and came right to where the old gal freaked, and walked right on by..... never gave it a second thought. The wind hadn't changed. I would have been baffled at it but I waited and shot 3 times at the last buck (20-25 yards) barely missing him, and he never spooked at that either. He even jumped a bit at one shot whizzing by his belly...grins. I was out of arrows and they walked off into the sunset. I wrote it off as really stupid deer and a really louzy shot. But the scent thing? Who knows how one will react, better safe than sorry.......

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