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we have already come to the general consensus that a "trophy" is in the eye deer holder. I'm with you hm a mature buck hunter would be a better term for a given area. a 5.5 year old buck is a 5.5 year old buck, accounting for pressure, regardless of head gear. as i've said before here nothing is 100% but every little bit helps when it comes to scent control. be it for the day or for the season. rubber boots, soaps, sprays, clothes, wind, burning up a stand, or to many trips in and out, all must be taken seriously if you want that mature buck. besides why take a chance? yes guys shoot 4, 5, 6, deer from a stand a year but i'll bet at best they are 2.5 and for sure they are not ALL mature. not to mention they are hunting areas with higher deer densities.

back to the question at hand. the guys at the qdma are always studying the deer inside and out. they, i'm sure, can give some kind of number in parts per million that a deer can smell.

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