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WMI, I agree with you on the mature buck potential of a given area, however, he may not be a trophy buck as most hunters would judge him. In our area in PA a 125-135 class is about the best we have. Yes its a mature buck and for the area one to be proud of but trophy? Hunting mature bucks and trophy hunting is pretty similar in how you attack them. Scent control, knowlegde of the area and wind direction and travel patterns including bedding areas. The final things I look for are rub and scrape lines to hone in on an active buck. Only actual sighting will tell me to spend any more time on him. Sometimes i get a bit put off by the term trophy hunter and the idea that trophy hunters are the eliete of the hunter's world. Sorry wmi on this one. I think you are fortunate to hunt an area that produces trophy bucks therefor you have an oppertunity to go after them and have honed your skills in doing so. I wish the term trophy hunter never would have come about, instead mature buck hunter would have fit better. I'm sure to get fired at now! Remember this is a family site.
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