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Bowhunters need to go to the extreem to be as scent free as possible. As I have said in the past I use scent free clothes wash then plastic bag them, use spray scent killer, use a steam sauna everynight and most times carry my heavy jacket to my stand not to over heat. I am one who uses estrus scent wicks during the rut, it works. I cannot tell you the last time I have been busted?? My ladder stands are only 16' high. I wash every night in the steam sauna with a quality scent free soap. All outer clothes are kept outside. Is this extreem? It works very well. I don't use rubber boots or gloves. This past PA hunt I had 11 bucks at 1-20 yds and none knew I was there. I slack up a bit when rifle hunting. I think their noses are very good and if you have small hills around you can be a wind drift problem. They have breath cover stuff out now, chloroform(spelling) in it.
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