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best hunt so far and no deer kill

Okay guys, im a go into the woods expecting to take something out of the woods. wether it be a deer or helpful info for next time.... now the story....

Okay, its 7:08am the sun has been up for only a few moments. im in a stand facing the east"the stand also allows me to stand up and look west". to the SE a 8p buck starts walking my way. when i first see him he is about 60 yards away.. as i watch this deer doing his thing it takes about 20mins for him to get due east at 25 yards. i have a shooting lane due south, NE, NW and West. At 25 he is still in pretty good cover. "i am bow hunting". he works his way to about 15 yards away and about 4 foot outside of my shooting lane. he stops with a few small branches covering the sweet spot. at this spot he makes a scrape.... i have never seen this in the wild only on tv. so i was mezmerized by this great deer doing his thing with me 15 yards away. i keep telling myself that i could not get a shot because of the "small cover" he was in, but i know i could have. any ways after he makes his scrape he walks outside my shooting lane to about 40yards. i have only a 10-20 and a 30 pin. he then steps into my lane facing away from me. i do a "bahh" and stop him. he looks back for a few moments and takes another step.. i stop him again and this time he steps broadside. so i guess at my sight and shoot. i shoot under him. later that night again sitting looking east i have two does walk in my west lane and 25 yards. by the time i get stood up and turned to where i could shoot they were both out of my lane and back into cover.

so what i took out of the woods that day was the following.

1. NEVER shoot outside your abilitys, as posted below its better to say i should have then wound a deer with a bad shot.

2. always be ready to shoot, if you "think" you have a shot take it... its better to Know you missed then not no at all. "been kicking myself every since"

3. if you have many shooting lanes like i did, stand up as much as you can. its easer and faster to turn and shoot then stand up, turn and shoot.

Its just a bad dream...... Go back to sleep...

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