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I just love well-thought out editorials...

I just love well-thought out editorials. We're so fortunate that there are civilized human-beings living in Franklin to point out the rampant blood-lust of others (especially people so crass as to know...kill something).

I mean...animals are so sweet and innocent. Just think - as the deer population sky-rockets, more car accidents can occur. The Mid-western states wouldn't have to throw away all that corn and wheat .... the deer "herd" would just take care of it. No corn to have to worry about exporting to those hungry folk in other countries. Why some of those hungry people even *gasp* hunt; so I guess they deserve starvation anyway. What about their kids? Just future hunters.

And what about the cows that eat the grain that no longer exists.....wellllll... I always liked fish anway. Doh! But we can't eat fish, well - maybe we could eat the ones that die naturally. What's the life span of a mackerel anyway? where are we gonna get protein in our diet? Soybeans? Nope - that went down the same hatch as the corn. Milk and Cheese! nope - the cows all died in the previous paragraph. Eggs! Uh-oh. The deer ate the grain meant for the chickens. Maybe the tiny amount of protein in whole-grains will save us! If we all eat 20 lbs of oat-bran a day, I believe we'll make it.
And just think, we won't have to kill another deer. 'Course the massive deer starvation that comes when they over-populate will take care of that.

Ya know, hunters aren't the arch-enemy of PETA. Logic is.
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