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first where are you? what state? what type of terrain? hard to give you much help with so little to work with. a deers number one defence is its nose, play the wind. know the land you are on, scout. their hearing is a little better than a humans but they are more in tune with the sounds in the woods, so move quite. their eyesight is real good for picking up movement and certain colors, move slow. know where they are feeding and how they get there. a pro hunter said once "you got to go where the deer are in order to get one". hook up with other hunters that you know to learn from them. many many books have been written on the subject so read all you can. a lot of guys here could write a book but it would take years to transfer all the knowledge a seasoned hunter has learned. i guess i'd say don't be in a hurry if it doesn't happen and work at it. if it were easy it wouldn't be worth doing.

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