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Well most of my best friends are hunters and being at camp with them is a great week. We hunt very hard as individuals but share in the dragging out, cooking, stories, ect. If it weren't for the two camps that I hunt in I would give hunting up. My fishing trips to Canada are with another group of guys, not all hunters, but equally dedicated to their fishing. I was very lucky at one point when my Dad and brother hunted and fished with me. Camps are not a hindrance to successful hunting in fact it is what makes the experience worth the effort. Seeing your best friends maybe twice/year is why I enjoy camp so much. Even in a camp everyone can be a lone wolf and walk miles to their exclusive secret spot. I tend to hunt the farthest from our camp. I can't imagine not being able to share a succesful hunt with someone, who do you high five with? Going to camp is a hunting vacation it just doesn't get any better than that. Ours is NOT a drinking club as some have indicated, its serious hunting and sharing in the enjoyment and pursuit of it. Oh, and having a camp in a high deer density area helps! HM

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