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It used to be you went to deer camp because it was the practical thing to do. The deer were only in the remote areas of the state and the drive time to get back in to the hunting area was long and difficult. So we would set up camp near the areas we hunted and then just walk into the woods to hunt.

For 15 years we always went to the same place on opening day and it was a tradition. All of my family, Father two brothers Nephew and assorted family friends would just show up at this remote spot in the middle of nowhere and spend the week hunting and telling lies. It was a great time with many great memories and stories of the epic adventures we had.

Now days the deer are everywhere and it's easier to base from home sometimes. Everybody is scattered and has families and responsibilities. So while we do still hunt together on occasion, we don't camp.

I still maintain a hunting camp, actually two, but it's not the same. It's not the camping that makes a good deer camp, it's all the people and the camaraderie that makes the camp. So if the question is are you missing something? That's up to you, I know I do.
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