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SOME deer camps are great! We have all kinds here in South Arkansas. We have the stay up late drinking beer,reality shuckers as mentioned above and we have the hardcore serious hunters that will not let anybody or anything take a chance at screwing up our two to three months of passion. One good thing about a deer camp is the ability to buy in on a large parcel of leased land with other members to where more game management can be practiced. I hate the fact of knowing that I'm doing all I can to score trophies and the guy on the next hill lives by the slogan of If its brown its down. If you should ever want to try the camp thing find a respectable, safe, hunt minded group of individuals as to where it doesn't spoil the whole camp thing for you. You can buy in on a lease and be a member without all the drama you may experience at some camps. You just have to pick an area and let them know when you plan to hunt it so some jacka== don't come walking around in the middle of your best day.
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