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part 2

Pic 5- The sleeping area with out all the guys blocking the Kitchen (rare moment)

Pic 6- The blind where we stayed at 5 am in the morning till 10 am then again at 2 pm still 5:30 pm (that is the time when it got to dark to hunt)

Pic 7- Me posing with my Remington 700 Lh. See the band aid on my thumb? Sigh...I was whittling the wrong way, and SWPATH ! I stab my self in the thumb. It required 4 stitches and 3 hours waiting in the emergency room with an open cut.

PIc 8- The reward when we left (can very well possible add more deers and does until this weekend) In Michigan (depends what licence you get). If you are feeling lucky you can get 2 bucks and a doe, if they have extra doe licence you can buy extra doe licence. Normally I just get a buck and a doe licence. The biggest buck here was 8 pointers. Not to shabby.

Please note that this was about a doe or a buck per person I did not shoot all of these.

Well there is my hunting trip!

Have a great one
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