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3 things affect them;
1) How much did you disturb the area? It is always best to remove the animal as quickly and quietly as possible.
2) Did you leave a gut pile? This is not good practise if you care to return. This answer is really 2 and 3.
a) If the pile is not cleaned up by scavengers quickly it of coarse it begins to rot and stink. Do you like the smell of rotting flesh? Guess what deer don't either.
b)Scavengers such as coyotes and foxes will urinate all around that area marking their kill and territory. Coyotes go without saying that deer do not like them. Fox's urine, any deer hunter that has been hunting for awhile will tell you that it too will make some deer nervous especially young ones. I know it is used as a cover scent by some but try it sometime and you will see for yourself. Deer at the very least will become alerted and a alerted deer is more difficult to harvest than one completely relaxed.

All of this above will diminish deer movement in the area even though it may not completely stop them it will slow it down in some cases. I have seen it stop it all together in some more heavily hunted areas. It is always best to remove the animal from the area and place your gut pile in open view so all scavengers can find it quickly including crows, buzzards, hawks, etc...
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